Falconry UK - Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre

Enjoy the thrills and excitement of falconry at the Birds of Prey and Conservation Centre, with over 70 birds and 30 species.

Eagles, falcons, hawks, kites, vultures and owls will swoop and dive around you as you sit in a beautiful English garden. Our skilled handlers will explain why the birds hunt and fly as they do, where they come from in the wild and how they are trained.

Discover at first hand what makes these birds masters of the skies. Following each breathtaking display you too may hold our birds of prey for The Ultimate Hands on Experience.

Worlds largest Eagles land at Thirsk


Two Steller’s Sea Eagles the largest species of Eagle have arrived at Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre, Toruk is a four year old Eagle that was the first to arrive and settle in and he has now been followed by Hokkaido a 7 year old Female, Hokkaido has been at another centre for a while and now has come to Thirsk so that she can join Toruk in the flying displays soon,  Our Display Falconer David has taken responsibility for Hokkaido’s Training and hopes to refresh her skills and have her working in displays very soon.

Kerry Badgery Director of Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre said it has been a life ambition to train and fly a Steller’s Sea eagle I have trained other eagles but never a Steller’s, Toruk is four years old but has never been asked to fly free, so my challenge is to get him to fly to a great standard like our other large eagles already do.

David Horseman (Aged 20)  said that working with Birds of Prey has been my dream job,  from an early age my dad used to bring me to watch the displays at Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre, so now to be a Display Falconer at  Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre is a dream come true and now to train and work a Steller’s Sea Eagle is just unbelievable.

Both Steller's Sea Eagles are now Flying regularly in displays (winds permitting)


We have a large collection of working birds here at the centre which enables us to fly a large variety of birds in each of our displays we Normally will fly a selection of Owls Vultures and Eagles in every display with a few more unusual birds included as well, keep an eye out for the cheeky Kookaburra.

We do 3 different displays a day with at least 8 different birds in each of our displays at 11.30, 1.30 and 3.30pm.

We also run pre booked Experience Days most days which you will be able to view from the public areas.


Suggested Itinerary: 


  • Arrive 10mins before the 1st or 2nd display.
  • Watch the display.
  • After the display there will be a handling opportunity to hold some of our smaller birds under supervision. 
  • Explore the other 70+ birds on display. 
  • Feel free to use the shop/snack bar for a bite to eat we do Sandwiches, crisp, cakes, plus hot and cold drinks are available or try an ice cream to cool down on a hot day. 
  • You will be now ready for our next exciting display.
  • After the display there will be another opportunity to hold some more different smaller birds.
  • Visit the shop/snack bar for any gifts and souvenirs prior to departure.

Special Experience Day gift ideas with a difference

The Centre is now preparing to reopen to the general public for our 2018 season. 
We are  available to book or purchase our experience days for the 2018 flying season.

Thirsk Birds of Prey centre provides a variety of experience days that are relaxed but informative and very much hands on. We pride ourselves on providing quality experinces that invlove a high number of birds of prey from our vast Flying collection. We have been providing these experinces for over 25 years. These experiences are well recieved and reviewed and run in small groups of upto 6 people. 
Gift Experinces we have to offer:

Full Day BIrd of Prey Experience      (handle or fly 11 Birds)
Half Day Bird of Experience              (handle or fly 7 Birds)
Eagle Encounter                                 (handle or fly 7 Birds)
Half Day Owl Experience                   (handle or fly 10 Birds)
One Hour Hawk Walk                         (fly 1 hawk)
One Hour Family Flying Enconter      (handle or fly 5 Birds)

Gift Vouchers will be dispatched within 24hrs of purchase. Gift box option available for £15

Vouchers can be purchase online, or by calling 01845 58752


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