Falconry UK - Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre

Enjoy the thrills and excitement of falconry at the Birds of Prey and Conservation Centre, with over 70 birds and 30 species.

Eagles, falcons, hawks, kites, vultures and owls will swoop and dive around you as you sit in a beautiful English garden. Our skilled handlers will explain why the birds hunt and fly as they do, where they come from in the wild and how they are trained.

Discover at first hand what makes these birds masters of the skies. Following each breathtaking display you too may hold our birds of prey for The Ultimate Hands on Experience.


We have a large collection of working birds here at the centre which enables us to fly a large variety of birds in each of our displays we Normally will fly a selection of Owls Vultures and Eagles in every display with a few more unusul birds included as well, keep an eye out for the cheeky Kookaburra.

We do 3 different displays a day with at least 6 different birds in each of our displays at 11.30, 1.30 and 3.30pm.

We also run pre booked Experience Days most days which you will be able to view from the public areas.


Suggested Itinerary: 

  • Arrive 10mins before the 1st or 2nd display.
  • Watch the display.
  • After the display there will be a handling opportunity to hold some of our smaller birds under supervision. 
  • Explore the other 70+ birds on display. 
  • Feel free to use the shop/snack bar for a bite to eat we do Sandwiches, crisp, cakes, plus hot and cold drinks are available or try an ice cream to cool down on a hot day. 
  • You will be now ready for our next exciting display.
  • After the display there will be another opportunity to hold some more different smaller birds.
  • Visit the shop/snack bar for any gifts and souvenirs prior to departure.



Sponsor a Bird Scheme

Some BIG, some small, some weird but all of them WONDERFUL... and with your support that's the way we can keep it.

It costs from just £25 to sponsor your favourite bird, and straight away we'll give you a FREE ticket for a day at the centre. There are three packs to choose from, the Bronze Sponsorship Pack, the Silver Sponsorship Pack and the Gold Sponsorship Pack each can be given as a gift.

You can pay for your sponsorship pack using Paypal. Just click on the bird you wish to sponsor, then complete the payment details or call the centre to discuss the various packages available, call  01845 587522

New for 2017 Half Day Eagle Experience


Why not treat that very important person in your life to one of our Half Day Eagle Experiences?

 Starts at 10:30, he will get to handle and fly a selection of eagles including Bateleur Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle and more... finish time 1:15pm price £80 pp. 



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