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"<span>Had a falconry experience day here on Friday 19th June. All the staff were really friendly and welcoming and, above all, knowledgeable about the birds. It was an absolutely amazing day and I would recommend it to anyone. Couldn't believe I actually got to hold a Golden Eagle! Thanks so much to all the staff for making it such a brilliant day. </span>"

Hilary Bevan (June 2015)

"A wonderful gift from my sons ended in an absolutely brilliant day spent meeting and handling some of the stunning raptors and owls hereThe introduction and first flying from Kerry first introduced the small group of lucky people&nbsp;3 to an American Red-Tailed Buzzard followed by many many more stunning beautiful birds Colin then for a short course on how to handle and the ancient equipment still in use, whilst the memorable Hawk Walk with David in the company of the amazing Dylan -Harris Hawk The icing on this delicious cake of strength, speed and beauty was each one of us flying an awe inspiring Golden Eagle yea really!GREAT DAY THANKS ALL ! <div class="rating-list"><div class="recommend"><span class="recommend-titleInline noRatings">Visited June 2015</span></div></div>"

Giles Bodoano (June 2015)

"Highly recommended for a great day out for all ages. Good value for money and highly enjoyable. We thoroughly enjoyed the two different display shows we watched. All the staff were very friendly and informative.The birds were a pleasure to view and watch and were obviously cared for excellently. The cafe was very reasonable and clean. Absolutely faultless all round."

Hitherfield (June 2015)

"Beutiful birds, very well kept,what a great day out, thank you"

Mandy & Geoff from Andover (June 2015)

"Wonderful day, fantastic display, super staff! Thank you!"

Newham bridge primary school (June 2015)

"<span>One of the best days out I've ever had! The birds are amazing and the best team of people working there! My daughter had a fall and needed first aid and missed flying the owl, the staff realised this and after they had flown the eagle they brought the owl back out so my daughter could fly it, this absolutely made hers and my day! Absolutely &quot;above and beyond&quot;! Highly recommended A*******</span>"

Stacey Heptinstall (April 2015)

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