Stellers have landed


Two Steller’s Seas Eagles the largest species of Eagle have arrived at Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre, Toruk is a four year old Eagle that was the first to arrive and settle in and he hasnow been followed by Hokkaido a 7 year old Female, Hokkaido has been at another centre for a while and now has come to Thirsk so that she can join Toruk in the flying displays soon,  Our Display Falconer David has taken responsibility for Hokkaido’s Training and hopes to refresh her skills and have her working in displays very soon.

Kerry Badgery Director of Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre said it has been a life ambition to train and fly a Steller’s Sea eagle I have trained other eagles but never a Steller’s, Toruk is four years old but has never been asked to fly free, so my challenge is to get him to fly to a great standard like our other large eagles already do.

David Horseman (Aged 20)  said that working with Birds of Prey has been my dream job,  from an early age my dad used to bring me to watch the displays at Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre, so now to be a Display Falconer at  Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre is a dream come true and now to train and work a Steller’s Sea Eagle is just unbelievable.

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