New Photography Policy


Photography is welcome at Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre as long as you comply with our Photography Policy.

We are happy for photos to be taken of our birds including during the flying displays.
However please adhere to the following conditions

No tripods

Maximum lens size no more than 4 inch in length from the front of the camera body. 

Please do not step over barriers 

Please do not rattle aviary mesh to get a reaction

Please don't place a camera in to our birds close proximity, this may cause them stress 

Please don't use noise distractions to aid your "perfect Shot"

Please refrain from disturbing or interrupting Experience Days 

Please stay off of the lawned areas especially when course flying is in progress. 

Please remain seated at all times during the flying displays this is for your safety and that of our birds and other visitors. 

Please do not take photographs of minors without a parent/guardians or teachers permission.

Please listen and take notice of any instruction given by a member of staff.

Images are for your own use not for public display or posting on social media groups or commercial use.

Commercial use Licence available to purchase on request.

Failing to comply with these conditions may result in you being asked to remove your equipment from the centre.

Sorry for this long list of do nots but unfortunately we have encountered a small minority of photographers that really don't care about the subject matter or the disruption they cause as long as they get their shot. 

This attitude not only causes stress to the birds but really annoys the staff who care for the birds.

A collection of photos of our birds